How can we obtain a probability sample using internet surveys

Often times, online surveys that we see on social media platforms uses a non-probability sampling method. This is different from traditional surveys that use a probability sampling method.

Probability sampling method is a method of selecting a sample wherein each…

A Simple True or False Python Quiz with CRUD functions Using a CSV File

I have two objectives for this task.

  1. QUIZ: To create a quiz which tells the player if he passed or failed in the test and enables user to print the last 10 users with their respective…

A beginner’s basic game and data visualization in Python


I made a 5 True or False quiz in Python that prints the first 10 players of the game and lets a quiz master to add and delete questions.

Here is the link to my colab notebook with file name :


I also explored basic data visualization in Python by constructing bar graphs.

Here is the link to my codes created in Spyder:

Which is better for Python Programming?

There are many applications in which you can run your Python codes. We have what we called Notebooks and Integrated Development Environment or IDE.

Notebooks are files which supports the use of computer codes and text elements and images. IDEs on the other hand…

Using Collab, GitHub and Anaconda to properly document our entire data science process

Proper documentation in analytics is important for the concept of Open Science at the same time, it can help decrease model risk. One of the three main domains of Open Science is the accessibility to scientific source code or syntax. …

Keith Monreal

A statistician, aspiring to be a unicorn

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